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Our School at the Heart of the Community

Scoil Naomh Éanna, or Carraroe NS as it is known locally, is a co-educational, mainstream primary school, under the patronage of the Catholic Bishop of Elphin, Kevin Doran. It is situated in Carraroe, just south of Sligo town. 


Scoil Naomh Éanna was founded in 1964 by Fr. John Egan. It serves the sub parish of St. John’s, in the parish of St. Anne’s, which is in the diocese of Elphin.


It was originally a three-teacher school. It is now a school of 368 students. We have 15 classroom teachers (CTs), 4.5 Special Education teachers (SETs), three Special Needs Assistants (SNAs), a secretary and caretaker.


Further extensions to the building were opened in 2007, Radharc na Sí in 2014 and most recently a two storey development in 2021. 


We have a large PE hall with a store room. There are two grass pitch areas and three main yard areas for outdoor play. We also have a beautiful school garden, Slí na nÓg. This is all maintained by our caretaker, Paul.


The full range of classes is taught in the school. The school depends on the grants and teacher resources provided by the Department of Education and it operates within the regulations laid down by the Department.

Our Locality

Carraroe School is located in St. John’s parish approximately 3km outside Sligo Town. Every year school masses, Confirmation and 1st Holy Communion are celebrated in St. John’s Church.


St. John’s Church was built in 1893 and was officially opened on the 2nd August 1896. The church was opened because the late Most Rev. Bishop of Elphin Dr. Gillooly was concerned that local people were travelling long distances to go to mass.


The church was built by Mr. John Clarence of Ballisodare and was built in Gothic style. The parishioners presented the stain glass windows. Funds for the church were given by the late Peter O’ Connor of Kevinsfort House. Contributions were also given by the good people of Sligo Town.


On December 8th, 1993 a terrible fire destroyed the interior. It was redecorated and reopened at Easter, 1995. The original tabernacle and Stations of the Cross still remain and St. John’s Church is now one of the most beautiful churches in the Elphin Diocese.

Tobernalt Holy Well

Tobernalt Holy Well is also in St. John’s Parish. In the 1700’s it was used for secret mass because of Penal Laws, which prevented Catholics from expressing their faith. The Holy Well was a good location because it is very sheltered so people could not be seen from overhead. Tobernalt soon became the meeting place for the people of Sligo to listen to the word of God.


Now, every summer on the last Sunday of July mass is celebrated in Tobernalt Holy Well.


Tobernalt Holy Well was one of the places where St. Patrick taught people about God. Tradition says that St. Patrick’s handprints are on one of the stones of the mass rock. Some people put their fingers on these fingerprints so that their prayers will be heard. St. Patrick baptised the people of Sligo with water from the well.


There is a special tree near the entrance of the Holy Well where people that are ill or have bad pains, can put a cloth on it for a night and when you rub it on the injured place you will be healed. There is also a special rock with a curved shape to heal pain.

Our School Crest and Motto

Our school crest was designed after consultation with staff, Board of Management members and the Parents’ Association. Some of the images, as well as the colour blue, have been taken from the previous school crest. The symbols on the crest are significant to the school community and highlight values that are important to us.

The high altar from the Tobernalt Holy Well represents our locality and sense of place within the community, our strong faith and the history of the area. An open book is representative of the excellence in learning and growth of our pupils. The football symbolises the sporting culture of the school and the varied extra curricular activities undertaken by the pupils and staff both inside and outside of school. Finally, the symbol of the people surrounded by a hand represents the caring, inclusive nature of the school and the partnership of management, staff and parents. 

The name Scoil Naomh Éanna is etched in stone at the front of our school. The history of this school and its amalgamation with Lakeview National School in 1964 is remembered in the inclusion of that name on the outer ring. Carraroe NS is the official school name according to the Department of Education and the name by which we are known  throughout Sligo.

Our school motto is “Mol an óige agus tiocfaidh sí”. This is an ancient Irish proverb which means “Praise the youth and they will flourish”. This motto underpins everything we do in our school. We aim to always create a positive atmosphere where pupils are praised for their progress and efforts as they strive to reach their full potential. 

History Of The School

Scoil Naomh Éanna was founded in 1964 by Fr. John Egan and was originally a three-teacher school. It serves the sub parish of St. John’s, in the parish of St. Anne’s, which is in the diocese of Elphin.


In 1964 Lakeview National School closed down  and amalgamated with Carraroe. With more pupils to cater for, the two schools,which had now become one, required a new building. This is the building the school is currently using. The old school building, which first opened as a school in approximately 1891, now serves as the Community Centre of Carraroe. 

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